Interior Designer Palm Desert

Interior Designer Palm Desert

Building your own home is nonetheless complicated and requires precise planning at each stage. The level of detail that achieves the desired finished project requires input from many different professionals, including an architect and interior design. Therefore, it is essential to think about interior design in a new custom construct.

The role of an interior designer in new constructions

The interior designer in Palm Desert helps in many different ways. They will choose the floor plan, home layout and recommend finishes and other design elements that feel like a home. They can ensure your home has a coherent look with a comfortable and stylish interior style. Our designers help with the construction of a new home because they can control many details, including the following:

  • Custom closets
  • Bath and kitchen designs
  • Cabinetry
  • Furnishings
  • Ceiling design
  • Flooring patterns
  • Stair banister design

Types of interior design services during the building phase

As mentioned above, there are a couple of roles the interior designer can contribute to in the design phase. We can work with the client to stage the home, select specific pieces, and offer the following professional input:


Mirage Decorators offers quite a bit of relief for your construction details. Our team works with various construction workers, including architects and contractors, carrying the project from inception to finalization. Our partnerships offer complete building services of a miniature and critical nature. For example, we will produce detailed drawings, create ceiling plans and offer interior elevations that hold up to your vision.

Finishing fixtures

Interior finishes are essential elements in the home. You want an interior designer who can make the building project seamless by helping the architect create a plan to accommodate your desired fixtures and finishes. We compile all these details in a single resource and catalog data such as color and item numbers to offer relief to the construction process.

Stage a model home

In many cases, the model home is the first one your clients will see when considering building or buying a home in the neighborhood. The model home should convey everything these properties should offer, so clients have the inspiration to invest. The interior designer manages the project by installing all the nitty-gritty details essential in completing the desired look.

Upgrade existing builds

Building a new home should be as hassle-free as possible while ensuring excellent final aesthetics and functionality. The local interior designer in Palm Desert alleviates undue stress and ensures the home is appealing to fetch top dollar.

We infuse the right amount of luxury into construction homes and work alongside the contractor to make these luxury homes functional and elegant. Our staff cares about minor details like the entryway, chandelier, and crown molds, to create a space that you are proud of and enjoy.

Contractors and architects are excellent at building, but they may not be the best for interior design projects. You need an interior designer who will bring together construction to keep everything on track and minimize the risk of permanent mistakes. Get in touch today at 909-907-2692 to arrange a consultation.

Interior Designer Palm Desert

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Interior Designer Palm Desert

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